I’m FAT! So what?

I cannot remember how many times I have been ridiculed, laughed and insulted by my size. You see, I am overweight since childhood. I can’t count how many times I have to suppress the urge to fight and answer back at those people and hold back my tears.

But those days are gone. I have overcome them all. And surprisingly, they are the reason why I am what I am today. A curvy voluptuous Jane who stands on her own, proud of her body and fight for what I think is right. Yes, there are days when my confidence meter goes down but I don’t allow my insecurities eat me alive. There is a world out there waiting for me! Why slouch in a corner to hide yourself just because the society hates those who are not skinny?

It takes time, yes it does. But why not start now? Stand in the mirror and tell the beautiful person you see that he/she is indeed beautiful. That you deserve so much more. Better even. Love yourself. Start with that and you’ll go places my dears. 🙂

Now that you learn that you have to love yourself, next would be to take care of what you love. Be kind to that body. Eat healthy not wealthy. Everything is okay in moderation. I am in this stage now and hell, it’s so hard!! But my strategy is this, when you go out to buy something or what, eat first before you  go and try not to bring extra cash. In that way, you will not have the chance to buy foodies on the way. Clever!


This is me! 🙂

I am not losing weight that much and I don’t care. I just want to live healthy and let my heart pump easily. I am not after the looks I can achieve with lesser cellulites on my thighs, or after the dress that I can wear when my waist gets slimmer or even the after the chance of meeting someone special(duh!) because I look better. I am after the time I can add in my life that I can spend with my family and friends especially to my little girl who loves me unconditionally. This is me. Fat yet healthy and I’m loving it.

Here are some thoughts that might help you and make you smile curvies!



Hello Word Press!!


Hi! I’m new here in WordPress and still getting the hang of it. I hope I’ll be able to customized my theme in the way that I want it to be all by myself. I hope in this new journey that I am starting now, I’ll be able to express myself and the share the things I love or even hate the most nicely. I hope that this blog/site will be entertaining and informative to my future readers. Crossing my fingers!! Good luck to me!Image